Bringing the Outside into our Kitchen

With the uncertainty and challenges going on in the world most people are ordered to stay at home.

We find ourselves missing our daily routine. Eating at a fancy restaurant and enjoying fine dining is one of this. With our favorite restaurant closed, we have opt cook instead. This lock-down has sparked a demand for home cooking. Since we could not go to our favorite restaurant during this season, we can cook and create our own fancy dish. All cooked and prepared at home. We can bring the outside into our kitchen.

Home cooking styles are popular nowadays. It’s easy to imitate well known recipe because of our unlimited access to the internet. We can find these recipes in social media sites. They are easy to follow and create. Whatever your status in life we should be familiar with our own kitchen. This quarantine season gives everyone an opportunity to discover healthy and homemade cooking.


During this season we are at risk especially our elderly loved ones. We can prolong our life if we avoid junk foods, canned goods, boxed, and process foods. We should cook home-made food to enhance our immune system. Fresh produce, green leafy vegetables, fish, and poultry are some examples.

Since we cannot eat at our favorite restaurant. We can still celebrate a loved one’s birthday or retirement inside our home. We can achieve this if we learn to cook their favorite dishes even if it’s complicated. This is the best gift we can give them. It’s the best retirement gift for our dad. To read more visit

This is the time to bring out our talents in cooking. We can even cook it better and healthier. Eating and celebrating with a delicious and healthy homemade food is a must nowadays.

In time, these lock-down rules will be lifted but our home cooking habits will continue. It will be a continuous trend because people learned to eat healthy. After this pandemic, many learned to create a sumptuous meal that our loved ones enjoy. The secret recipe of love and hard work is in every dish we create.