Food And Drink And The Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things

Apart from the Web, because this connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT) is progressively entering homes across the wide world, with increasingly more homeowners embracing the concept of having a smarter dwelling. Although many are now living in smart homes, people still ask what precisely does IoT do for people, especially in the home.

Besides smart lightbulbs, window blinds and ACs, there are other IoT devices and gadgets that could be perfect for the home, especially in terms of food and drink as well as health. Below are a number of them:

  • SmartPlate

Throughout the day, we could fail to stick to the proper quantity of food we consume in a day. This is where SmartPlate is useful. This handy and helpful device utilizes various metrics to keep details and info of the food you eat. It makes use of image recognition as well as weight detectors to assess what you consume and how much of this food you place on your plate. If the SmartPlate analyzes that you are consuming an excessive amount of the food, it will send a warning or alert through the app to reduce your food portion size.

  • Drop

Drop functions like an automated robot chef or cook that make certain all are doing their task. With the Drop app, you could look for recipes as well as alter the ingredients based on your likings and what ingredients you have available. During meal prep and cooking, Drop could connect with other IoT kitchen devices to make sure all is done as it should be.

  • Sippo

It isn’t a bombshell that people nowadays don’t maintain proper hydration levels. Since a glass of your favorite wine with your delicious dinner is very satisfying, consuming a glass of refreshing water has become more of a chore, hence people could easily fail to consume the recommended amount of water. Sippo cups tracks your intake of as well as to let you know of your progress. If you fail to drink the recommended amount of water to be drank, the app will remind you to do so.