Food Blogging 101: How To Start Your Own Food Blog

Woman preparing food in the kitchen

So you would like to understand how to begin a food site and earn money doing this? As you are going to need to put in some effort between beginning your site and earning money from the site, the true procedure of producing your food site is really simple, even when you’re not a “techie” individual.

Within our Food Blogging 101: How To Start Your Own Food Blog article, we are to supply you with actionable activities that will assist you to produce a successful and rewarding food site. These include the best way to:

  • Obtain your fundamental Site installation
  • Pick the Ideal WordPress food blogging motif or WordPress recipe plugin
  • Showcase exquisite pictures and movies of your own food
  • Boost your click rate Utilizing abundant snippets
  • Boost your next social websites (social websites Is an Excellent traffic-generator for meals sites)
  • Monetize your own food site in a few Distinct ways

Let us get you cooking along with your own food blog.

Step 1: Select your meals market

Food blogging is still a saturated business, so in the event that you would like to produce a booming food site, you’ll have to select a market to concentrate in. The market you go for will likely rely on the sort of food which that you have a fire for cooking. Below are a few niche cases that you consider.

  • Steak or vegetarian meals
  • Food to a budget
  • All items baking
  • Healthy foods for households
  • Glutenlow-carb or sugar-free dishes
  • DIY meals recipes
  • Food to pets
  • Pre-workout snacks

When you’ve settled on your specialty, and have a few recipes prepared to discuss, you’re all set to make your food site.

Step 2: Purchase WordPress hosting and also then set up WordPress

The complementary, open-source WordPress applications are the simplest and most popular method to construct a site — food website included. If it comes to the way to start a food website and earn money in the simplest way potential, the WordPress applications are your very best option.

To be able to conduct the WordPress applications, however, you ought to buy your personal hosting. For novices, we urge SiteGround as they:

  • Supply you with a wizard that installs WordPress to you personally.
  • Allow you to buy your domain via precisely exactly the exact identical interface.
  • Tools to set up redirects and set up a free SSL certification
  • The committed team offers personalized chat service
  • SG Optimizer to maintain your site healthy

When you register for hosting and set up WordPress (view this article if you want more assistance), you are prepared to really construct your food site.

Step 3: Decide if you would like a food site motif or recipe plugin

If you’re making a web site for a particular function, like a food website, then picking a built-for-purpose motif might be the very ideal choice. But, there are also a number of powerful WordPress recipe plugins that will allow you to exhibit your recipes on your website at an appropriate food site format:

  • Food blog motif — super simple to begin with, but maybe a bit more restrictive because each the performance is already built.
  • Food plugins + standard motif — a little more complex to get set up since you need to gather different “components”, but might provide a bit more flexibility since it is much more of an open sandbox and you’ll be able to select any theme you prefer.

Let us look at both of these choices:

Pre-built food recruiting topics

There’s a broad range of built-for-purpose food recruiting topics that arrive with a range of built-in ‘food recruiting’ attributes and operation. These may include:

  • Recipe Builder — exhibit ingredients and recipes in a simple to look at designs.
  • Advanced Search Function — allow people to search by ingredients and recipes.
  • Reviews and Tests — people can rate and review recipes as soon as they’ve tried them out.
  • Gallery along with Video Service — incorporate amazing visuals and amusing movies to participate with your audience.
  • User enrollment and login performance — make an area around your site by producing a members-only section.

By way of instance, the Veggie motif will be able to assist you quickly begin with your own food site. And it is also possible to discover many different food website topics at ThemeForest.

Should you choose to choose a frequent blogging motif, then it is easy to add recipe builder performance employing a WordPress plugin. By way of instance, WP Ultimate Recipe is a totally completely free WordPress plugin that will let you incorporate numerous recipes into any page or post on your website.

Using WP Ultimate Recipe, you also are able to exhibit components, add photographs to some step of this recipe, and then allow people to adapt the ingredient amounts for fewer or more servings. Recipe metadata can be optimized, so assisting your recipes to position themselves at Google Recipe Hunt.

A pro variant of the plugin is also available that provides innovative features such as:

  • Nutritional advice for every recipe
  • dinner planner with purchasing listing
  • Users-generated evaluations and testimonials
  • User-submitted recipes

Both the premium and free plugins are excellent choices if you’re seeking to swiftly turn your website into a skilled and trendy food website.


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Step 4: Screen amazing pictures and movies of your meals

As your viewers can not flavor your food, pictures are they all need to go on. Wonderful visuals, showcasing your meals, can help entice your customers to trace your site and try the recipes.

Pictures may also be utilized to demonstrate challenging cooking techniques or include extra aid for recipe directions. Videos could be especially helpful here also, which makes the cooking experience interactive and fun.

If your theme does not provide you innovative gallery and record operation, then you need to look at installing Photo Gallery from WD. This no-cost WordPress plugin will enable you to incorporate responsive galleries and files to your site.

Both videos and images could be contained in one gallery, also YouTube, Vimeo, along with also Instagram are supported in galleries. These strong options will let you exhibit your dishes and recipes in eye-catching designs, attractive directly to your intended audience.

Step 5: Insert abundant snippets for your site

Rich snippets are fantastic for search engine benefits. They’ll help you catch the reader’s focus, and enhance your click-through rates. Rich snippets are such additional pieces of information that appear together with the meta description of your list. These very small pieces could even get your website featured on wealthy cards that just appear in cellular devices.

If you’re planning to write recipes in your own food site, then you should certainly add wealthy snippets to your website and receive those search engine optimization advantages.

Together with efficient backlinks service to build links to your blog articles, your site will have better visibility in the search engine results pages.

Step 6: Use sociable websites to cultivate your audience

When talking about how to start a food site and earn money, the significance of social websites can’t be underestimated. Pinterest along with Instagram would be the evident social networking platform for meal sites to aim, as their image-heavy strategy is the ideal match with exquisite foodie pictures. Listed below are a couple of ways to use social networking to cultivate your next and reach a larger audience.

  • Insert social networking discuss buttons to promote your customers to discuss your recipes onto their societal networking stations.
  • Empower Pinterest Rich Pins to exhibit your recipe information right in your Pins and raise the amount of repins you get.
  • Embed an interactive and attention-grabbing Instagram feed on your food website to raise your Instagram following.

To find out more about the best way best to use social media efficiently, take a look at our post on Social Media Strategy.

Measure 7: Monetize your meals site

As soon as you’ve set up a prosperous food site and developed you’re subsequent, there are various approaches to market your website. Let us look at a few of the very most effective money-making strategies.

  • Internet affiliate promoting — combine affiliate programs, subsequently advocate cooking goods, recipe books, and other cooking paraphernalia in your own site. Every time one of your customers buys an item, you are going to be given a commission.
  • Produce your cookbook — that may be an eBook or in bodily shape. Sell it on your site or onto a bigger market such as Amazon.
  • Accept sponsored articles or advertisements on your website — the fee for folks to market on your site or article on your site.

You will find, of course, many different tactics to earn money by means of a site, however, the recommendations above could be especially beneficial to get a food site.

Last thoughts on how best to begin a food site and earn money

So now you learn how to begin a food site and earn money, it is time to begin. Because you may see, developing a food site is hard work and requires some time. On the other hand, the monetary benefits could make it well worth the attempt.