Foods that Your Dog Should not Eat

Having a pet dog is challenging yet worth it because dogs are like humans too. They have emotions – they feel sad when we are going to work, scared or angry when a stranger is about to enter our house at night, and happy when we arrive from a tiring day. Since they are somehow our stress reliever, it is important to provide them the proper attention, love, and of course nutrition to keep them strong and healthy.

Veterinarians always say taking care of  a dog is almost the same as having a child, which is why it is important that one person has enough knowledge on how to be a responsible dog owner.

What your dog eat is very important. Even though we should treat them as humans, what we eat is not all the time allowable to them. Hence, reading articles on what type of foods your dog should avoid is advised. If you are looking for a reliable source that is proven helpful when it comes to dog foods, click here.

It is understandable that almost all the time, we like to share our food with our dogs, especially if we can in their eyes that they are begging to eat our food. But we should always be strong enough to give them everything we eat, because aside from spoiling them too much, the food might be bad for them. Which is why for this article, foods that may harm our dogs are listed below:

1. Chocolate – this might be hard to believe, but what we consider as our super food is not permissible for our dogs to eat. This is because there were instances before when a dog died because of eating chocolate.

2. Foods that are salty- salty foods are prohibited on dogs. But do not think what popcorn is bad for them. You can let them eat popcorn as long as it has no salt.

3. Milk and other dairy products- dairy foods may be hard for your dog to digest. If they happen to eat a lot of dairy products, chances are they are just going to vomit it. This only means, we should eat our ice cream alone.