Top 10 Food Trucks to Visit While Waiting for Your Towing Service in San Jose

A busy food truck parked on a lively street, customers eagerly queueing for orders.

Waiting for a towing service when your car breaks down can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, because San Jose is a foodie’s paradise with an electric food truck scene serving up cuisine from around the world that will make your mouth water. So why not turn your wait into a feast?

Here are 10 of the best food trucks in San Jose where you can grab some delicious grub while waiting for San Jose towing services (visit to learn more).

The Chairman Truck

Known for their steamed or baked buns filled with tasty Asian-inspired ingredients, The Chairman Truck is a must-try for any self-respecting food lover. You’ll want to sink your teeth into their famous Pork Belly Bao or try the Coca-Cola Braised Pork for something savory.

Curry Up Now

Do you want Indian street food with a twist? Curry Up Now has got you covered there too; just order one of their Tikka Masala Burritos or go for a Deconstructed Samosa while you pass the time.


Korean barbecue meets American street food at MoGo BBQ, where they serve up drool-worthy Korean BBQ tacos, burritos, or sliders stuffed with marinated meats and fresh toppings.

Hula Truck

Bring some tropical vibes into your day by stopping by Hula Truck! Their menu features Hawaiian-style plates like Kalua Pork, Loco Moco, and Spam Musubi, guaranteed to leave tastebuds dancing.

Tacos El Compa

For authentic Mexican street tacos, look no further than Tacos El Compa; enjoy juicy carne asada, tender al pastor, or flavor-packed chicken tacos loaded up with fresh cilantro, onions, and salsa!


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Phat Thai

Need some noodles? Phat Thai has you covered with their selection of Thai-inspired dishes, including signature Pad Thai or Drunken Noodles, that are bursting with authentic flavors and fresh ingredients each time.

Los Jarochos Grill

Get your fix of real-deal Mexican food at Los Jarochos Grill; from mouthwatering tacos and burritos to tasty tortas and quesadillas, there’s something here for everyone!

Siam Loco Wraps

Spice things up during your tow wait with bold flavors from Siam Loco Wraps. Try Thai-inspired wraps filled with grilled meats, fresh veggies, and zesty sauces, all wrapped up in a warm tortilla.

Twister Food Truck

Indulge in some fusion cuisine at Twister Food Truck; enjoy loaded fries topped off with cheesy quesadillas; or go for a gourmet burger stuffed between crispy chicken sandwiches—they’ve got it all!

Whisk on Wheels

End your towing ordeal on a sweet note by visiting Whisk on Wheels, where you can treat yourself to homemade cupcakes, cookies, or brownies, perfect for satisfying that sugar craving while waiting for help to arrive.


So next time you’re stuck waiting around San Jose for a tow truck, forget feeling down and hungry. Instead, take advantage of these amazing food trucks that offer everything from Asian fusion dishes to traditional comfort snacks. Bon appétit!