Westchester Magazine Names the 2023 Best of Westchester Food Venues

westchester in new york The one thing Westchester County doesn’t lack are outstanding places where people can find the tastiest eats any time of day amidst a fusion of culinary offerings. Westchester Magazine, through its monthly publications and website, covers the food and drinks within Westchester County, in order to name the year’s best culinary treats in this part of New York.

The following are the dining venues along with the food they serve, which gained the digital magazine’s recognition as the Best of Westchester for the year 2023.

Shirley’s India at New Rochelle

This is a side street food venue that may be lacking in interesting features but it’s where you can get the most satisfying specials for the amount you pay. Westchester Magazine recommends Shirley’s Street Box meal, specifically the Chicken Tandoori that comes with your choice of rice, Street Cart Fries, chopped naan (flatbread) and banana chips, topped with the “Not Mint” & “Pink” chicken masala sauce

Red Horse – David Burke’s New 200-seat American Steakhouse at White Plains in The Opus Westchester Hotel

Here, a food lover must partake of Burke’s patented Himalayan-salt-aged steak that comes with a tableside onion soup, Caesar salad, mashed potato gratin, and your choice of shareable tin-can cake dessert.

My Second House Mexican Restaurant and Lounge at Cortlandt,

Diners make it a point to order the flavorful Guacamango. a fresh and healthful guacamole appetizer with fresh cubes of mangoes.

Saltaire Oyster Bar and Fish House at Port Chester

crab cakeA food venue especially recommended for seafood lovers, as this is the place where they can find the best-tasting Crab Cake. Westchester Magazine describes the latter as “long on crab” because from the first bite to the last, everything in it is crab meat. Moreover, customers love the ambience of a marble oyster bar set in a hundred-year old granary located along the Byram River, with its delectable fares of fresh seafood selections.