5 Apps to Help You Avoid Wasted Food

Food waste


Do you want to contribute to combating food waste? Good job! The first step starts with grocery shopping, how much you cook, and what you throw away. You will be surprised how many creative solutions there are for this, such as online. Or maybe you can even create your own apps to avoid wasted food!

There is so much to find online that you no longer know what to believe and what not to believe. But let’s face it… an app that helps you with this would be even nicer. We’d like to share five apps to get you started!


Perhaps Too Good To Go is the best-known app when it comes to food waste. With this app, you can pick up meals or products that are left over from catering companies and supermarkets for a small price. These meals or products may often no longer be sold the next day, but there is actually nothing wrong with them. Time to take action! Order your box via the app and pick up the package at different locations in your area. This way you can enjoy a delicious surprise meal and you also prevent food waste.


With this app, you’ll be paired with people from the neighborhood for sharing freshly cooked meals. The app’s approach is to connect the neighborhood so that more social contact is created. Fantastic, isn’t it? Cooking at home has the purpose that a neighborhood takes care of each other, just like in the past. If you are temporarily or long-term unable to cook fresh meals yourself, you can sign up to pick up meals from a home cook in your area.

If you like to be in the kitchen yourself and don’t mind cooking an extra portion, you can also register as a cook in the Home Cooked app. This way you can share your cooked food with the people in your neighborhood. No food thrown away means no waste!


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Do you ever look in the fridge and think hmm.. what should I do with all these ingredients? A few tomatoes, a few potatoes, another bottom of milk. This app will find a recipe with your leftovers! You can easily add ingredients in the search bar. The app will look for a recipe for you that contains as many of your ingredients as possible. Skillful! This way your leftovers always get a delicious destination.


With the aim of preventing waste, the nutrition center has developed the Smart Cooking app. This app also looks for tasty recipes with your leftovers. Do you still have products left over after that? Then you can indicate in the app what you have left, here you will see storage tips so that you can keep the leftovers as long as possible!

The app offers even more. You can easily look up recipes and make a shopping list with the app. You can also immediately make a schedule for the meals for several days. Skillful!


Do you want to find out what the ratio is between what you buy, cook, and throw away? Milieu Centraal has developed an app where you get tailor-made tips against food waste. For a week you register data in the app. In addition, the app gives you tips and ideas that may have to do with shopping, cooking, or storing food.

In addition to the Waste-free coach, Milieu Centraal has also made a version of the app in which you can take on the challenge in groups. This app is called Foodbattle and is the group version of the Waste-free coach!