Kitchen Studio vs Carpentry: What are the Differences?



Planning a kitchen is always something very special. On the one hand, the floor plan of each room is completely individual. The furniture and appliances must therefore be fitted exactly into the room. On the other hand, users have different demands. The standard kitchenette from the advertising brochure fits only in rare cases. A good kitchen design is always tailor-made.

When planning, you have the choice between a kitchen studio and carpentry made by professionals like Schreiner in Radolfzell (Your carpenter in Radolfzell on Lake Constance). Both options have their advantages. A comparison.

The kitchen studio

The kitchen studios range from small, owner-managed shops to larger chains. Most furniture stores also have a large kitchen department. The studios are staffed by kitchen planners who deal with the subject matter on a daily basis. They often have a wealth of experience and know the modules, the different appliances, and the tricks and pitfalls of kitchen planning.

The carpentry workshop

However, kitchen studios reach their limits when it comes to complicated floor plans, sloping ceilings, or unusual wishes. For such cases, carpenters are the true professionals. Some people also work with ready-made manufacturer modules – but in the workshop, they can also make cabinets and shelves for every situation.

Even with standard floor plans, it is worthwhile to ask the carpenter. Maybe he has a better solution. The offer can be cheaper than that of a comparable kitchen studio.

Important: good references

However, since kitchen planning is a very complex topic, carpentry should have some experience in this area. Be sure to be shown appropriate reference kitchens.

Whether kitchen studio or carpentry – good businesses can often be found on the recommendation. Ask around in the circle of colleagues and acquaintances. There is also a lot of discussion about kitchen construction and planning in Internet forums.


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The detailed plan

Have you found the kitchen builder you trust? A first plan has already been developed during the consultations. Now it’s time for detailed planning – until every fitting, every panel, and every cable is recorded in a parts list.

If the price is still too high, perhaps one or the other detail can be changed. In the carpentry sector, for example, the prices can be controlled quite well via the materials of the carcasses or the worktop.

Good providers measure the space for the detailed planning themselves. In this context, the walls are also tested for load-bearing capacity – because fully loaded wall cabinets can become really heavy.

Only when you are completely happy with the planning, sign a contract with the kitchen studio or hire a carpenter.

The assembly

After a few weeks, the new kitchen arrives. While a carpenter installs them himself, most kitchen studios work with external fitters. If you have your kitchen made by a specialist, you can now lean back. He only has to test all functions during acceptance.

For do-it-yourselfers, it’s just getting started: mounting wall cabinets, connecting devices, adjusting the worktop, and attaching panels. If you are unsure about individual trades, you should bring in a specialist. Sometimes even the professional has to get involved, for example, if the stove is operated with high voltage. Of course, there is generally no guarantee of self-assembly.