NY Restaurants Continue to Struggle After Reopening

As New York restaurants reopen, owners are still struggling from the results of the shutdowns, finding it difficult to pick up from where they left off. Although the city launched a grand reopening, diners and clubs could not go back as quickly to normal business operations contrary to what was expected once the tourists started arriving

Recovery from the pandemic is not happening, as the city’s dining industry is faced with a lot of problems and interference. A lot of part-time actors and artists who have worked alongside New York’s restaurants have left town. Owners are practically calling up relatives from out of state to provide help due to worker shortage. On top of those setbacks, impatient diners add to the stress by complaining about slow service and reduced items on their menu.

Harlem’s Long Time Centerpiece Says Reopening Isn’t Like Turning on a Switch

One of Harlem’s centerpiece, Sylvia’s Restaurant reopened at full-capacity for indoor dining after steering clear from last year’s shutdowns. Having been around the city for 59 years, the reopening last spring and summer brought a new wave of challenges to the restaurant. The restaurant’s executive and granddaughter of the founder Tren’ness Woods-Black, commented that everyone was just given the go sign, only to find but that reopening isn’t as easy as flipping a switch.

Although Sylvia’s increased the wages, available workers are is still scarce. As a result, indoor dining is still limited and breakfast has been halted for a while. Due to the rising prices of food ingredients, best-sellers such as their smothered beef short ribs have been removed from their menu.