Ben Smith: Diet Is More Than Just Food

Diet has become a subject that is heavily influenced by trends, especially in recent years. The media presence has made it a lifestyle topic.

Employers like ben smith can help their employees eat healthily with little effort.

Ben Smith professional world: Healthy eating pays off

You might think that nutrition is a purely private matter for every employee. The employer doesn’t have to take care of that too. But yes, the employer in particular benefits from taking good care of his employees, because he has noticeable advantages. On the one hand, a balanced diet is an essential prerequisite for productive and concentrated work. When the stomach is empty, absorption capacity suffers and there is a lack of energy. A full stomach caused by difficult to digest meals, on the other hand, makes you tired, as the body is primarily occupied with digestion.

In the long term, the nutritional behavior of each individual naturally also has an impact on general health. If an employer supports its employees in eating a balanced diet, this can reduce absenteeism. Healthy employees, therefore, help a company to operate successfully and be competitive on the one hand through less downtime. On the other hand, of course, it is through increased productivity.

Last but not least, promoting employee health also has a positive effect on attractiveness as an employer. Employers who respect the health of their employees and support them in a healthy lifestyle increase satisfaction and show appreciation.

Ben Smith

Ben Smith: What can companies do to ensure that employees eat healthily on the job?

Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be your own canteen. For example, with access to the most important kitchen utensils, employees can easily prepare fresh ingredients themselves. They do not have to resort to ready-made meals. You can swap sweet soft drinks for an easily accessible water dispenser and, of course, offer sugar-free flavors. Sufficient drinking is often forgotten and a sufficient intake of fluids is just as important as vegetables, fiber and other nutrients.

All in all, every manager has a variety of options to support his employees with healthy eating. But the most important thing is to use your role model function and set a good example. In this way, you not only get through the working day healthy and productive but also offer your employees good orientation.