Outdoor Dining Now a Permanent Offering in NYC Restaurants

The New York City Council approved a local bill allowing restaurants to offer outdoor dining from 10 AM up to 12 MN but subject to payment of permit fees. The fee amount depends on the size and location of the restaurant in the metropolis. Those situated below 125th Street in Manhattan will have higher fees.

According to Marjorie Velazquez, the Bronx City Council member who sponsored the bill, the ordinance puts in place a uniform program that takes into account the unique circumstances true to every boroughs and its neighborhood. Although the creation of the bill stemmed from the sheds placed outside by restaurant owners, at the time when dining-in was prohibited; and later restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Actually, sidewalk dining was already allowed in Manhattan prior to the lockdowns. The passing of the new bill therefore is a win for the restaurants located in burroughs outside of Manhattan.

Yet the NYCC requires the dismantling of the outdoor sheds so they can be replaced with a structure that is less obstructive.

Outdoor Dining Allowed from April to Nov. Only

Dining in the city’s roadways will only be allowed from April to November, excluding the winter months from December, January, February and March.

NY City’s Chief Public Realm Officer Ya-Ting Liu, said that during the winter months, the city will be able to clean, plough, do repair and maintenance work needed on streets. That being the case, Ms. Liu also deems it necessary and important for restaurant owners to know the guidelines in their burrough’s roadway design. That way, they can enhance pedestrians’ streetscape experience