TikTok-Famous NY Restaurants are Attracting Young Customers

After the TikTok @sistersnacking’s positive review of Steak Skirt’s $28 promo meal, the NY restaurant has been experiencing growth catering to young customers. TikTok-famous restaurant status is the trend in NY’s restaurant industry as many now recognize the social media site as a powerful platform for raising brand awareness that can lead to more sales.

Actually, several new and legacy restaurants from Chinatown to Sheepshead Bay became standouts in New York’s busy restaurant scene, after receiving positive feedback via the social media app.

According to Laurent Tourondel, after @sistersnacking feedback immediately went viral, it brought in a line of at least 100 customers all eager to have a taste of the $28 plate of skirt steak that came with some serving of salad and unlimited french fries. Tourondel said he was surprised at the level of success achieved by Skirt Steak among young people, considering it’s in Manhattan’s office-heavy location.

Kam Hing Bakery, a Chinatown bakery that has been seeing business selling airy sponge cakes for more than 30 years, had shut down in 2020 due to the pandemic. Yet it was able to recover a year after the city reopened businesses. Kam Hing Bakery owner Liz Yee noticed that after the vaccinations, more young customers, including tourists have been coming in because they want to try the Kam Hing sponge cakes featured and suggested by TikTok.

Why Savvy Restaurant Owners are Not Keen on Using TikTok Influencers

Most savvy business owners are investing money and time to promote and develop content using their own TikTok account. Not many are using TikTok influencers to broadcast their restaurant’s food offerings because businesses are looking for real-life impact that the platform creates for both new and legacy NY restaurants. That is regardless of who customers follow at TikTok.

After all, the social media platform’s algorithm boosts content based on user preferences via the “For You” feature and not on who users follow at the site. The system therefore increases the potential of new content to be within TikTok users’ radars, along with the longstanding spots.