Try Naruto’s Favorite ‘Miso Donkotsu Ramen’ at Ichiraku Ramen for Real



If you are a fan of the popular ninja anime ‘Naruto’ & ‘Boruto’ and one who always wear Naruto Clothing, then a visit to this place is a must!

‘Nijigennomori’, a new sensory animation park where you can feel the worldview of anime or manga in the great outdoors of awashima island. Among the various 2d content, in this article, we will introduce you to ‘Naruto & Boruto ninja village’ (shinobizato).

‘Naruto & Boruto ninja village’ (shinobizato)

It has a lot of fans from overseas, and it’s a new attraction with the theme of the ninja anime ‘Naruto’ and ‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ which are gaining popularity around the world. Within the facility, which recreates the animation’s worldview, you can participate in three-dimensional maze attractions, riddles, and more.

There’s a ramen shop “ichiraku” in the “leaf village” (Konohagakure no Sato) that appears in the world of Naruto. You can try the ichiraku ramen, which is the favorite of the main character Naruto Uzumaki, making it a popular place among fans.

Ramen ‘ichiraku’: Try Naruto’s Favorite Ramen

Ramen ‘ichiraku’ faithfully reproduced the original animation, and the exterior of the shop was recreated exactly as it was originally. There are three flavors of ramen: ‘don katsu (broth brewed with pig bones), ‘miso (miso) donkotsu’ and ‘don katsu soy sauce’, but the most recommended flavor is the ‘miso tonkatsu ramen, which is a favorite of Naruto Uzumaki. With a deep, dark miso flavor, the thin noodles used a lot in Hakata ramen blend well with the soup.

Basic toppings are mushrooms in the throat, chashu (stewed pork soy sauce), steaming, and eggs can be added as an option. Ramen bowls or Chinese spoons used in ramen ‘ichiraku’ can be purchased at the original goodes shop ‘Konoha shop’ opposite it.

At ramen ‘ichiraku’, there are also a lot of collaboration menus other than ramen. The ‘takoyaki egg roll’ image of the scroll contains takoyaki inside a thin egg Zidane.


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Food And Drinks From Naruto Anime Series That Come To Life

There are also a variety of desserts and drinks that image Naruto’s characters, such as “okaka (katsuobushi) fist rice” that Sasuke enjoys, or “okonomiyaki of the Akatsuki clouds,” which embodies Akatsuki (the processing organization that appears in Naruto).

In addition to this, ‘morino terrace’ in nijigennomori also sells collaboration menus. There are three types of burgers, including Naruto Uzumaki’s favorite ‘kaminari (lightning) burger’, and desserts that can only be tasted in ‘morinoterrace’.

Just near the entrance, past the street where the ramen ‘ichiraku’ or Konoha shops are located, you will find the iconic ‘Hokage rock’ of the leaf village. Carved in the shape of a large face that fans of Naruto and Boruto will be delighted with, the back of the rock is a huge 3-story three-dimensional maze that takes you to the exit as you rescue your colleagues trapped in the maze.

Within the ninja village, there are models of the lighthouses of the characters in Naruto, as well as an activity corner where you can have an ar experience. By looking at the hints on the scrolls you received at the reception counter, you can collect ‘pieces of seal’ as you progress through the mission.

Other Activities To Experience: Let’s Become a Hokage!

Among the activities, there are devices such as ninja technology ar, and there is a dedicated ar app “let’s become a Hokage!” there are several places where you can take pictures that look as if you’re using ninja skills. Once you’ve mastered all the skills, you’ll also have a special rendition where your face will be imprinted on the Hokage rock.

‘Naruto & Boruto ninja village’ where you can immerse yourself in the anime worldview of Naruto and Boruto. It’s an adventure land where you can not only watch the exhibitions but experience ninja skills. An attraction that will keep you moving in nature, satisfying both children and adults, as well as Naruto fans who have visited from overseas.

In ‘Naruto & Boruto ninja village’, where you can make memories through different experiences, and keep a limited number of goodies that can only be bought here as gifts or souvenirs, it is also a holy place that anime lovers should not miss.

If you are coming from jr Namba, Umeda, shinobi, or Sannomiya, it is convenient to use the express bus. The ‘kakehashi Naruto’, which runs according to the time zone, is a wrapping bus with Naruto and Boruto painted all over the bus, but if you’re a fan, you can’t get on it, right?

Cheap tickets are also available in a set of round-trip bus tickets and ‘Naruto & Boruto ninja village’ tickets. Immerse yourself in the Naruto and Boruto trilogies.