New York City’s Martini Menu Now a Regular Feature

Martini menu continues to be a trend ever since New York City’s outdoor dining introduced frozen martini drinks in October 2021. This came at a time when a lot of bars and restaurants were into exploring how they can expand their outdoor menus in preparation for a hot pandemic summer. The results are espresso martinis that immediately became available everywhere.

Nowadays, restaurants have added their own martini menus, dedicated just for cocktails containing different amounts of vodka, vermouth, or even gin.

A recently opened restaurant named Sidney’s Five, has at least nine martinis listed in their menu. In addition, there’s a bar menu with five regular size martinis, three mini martinis, and a breakfast version martini that is available only for brunch orders.

The culinary director of Sidney’s Five, Edie Ugot describes their martinis as something that says tiny, but packs a punch. Ugot began to conceptualize Sidney’s Five as a project alongside business partners Walker Chambliss, Kai Woo, and David Lowenstein.

The martinis are part of their original concept as they were inspired by the Grand Central Oyster Bar, ans their inclination to capture the timeless New York essence, and of their trips to New Orleans filled with seafood. Chambliss mentioned how martini is an American classic and is deemed to be a standard in cocktails worldwide.