Setting Up A Patio For Your Restaurant

When the fine weather arrives, it’s nice to eat lunch al fresco or relax with a drink on a café’s terrace. To meet this need, hospitality businesses have a keen interest in creating an outdoor space that is cozy, restful, and efficient for their activity. Terraces are more than just shop windows; they are an essential part of restaurants because a pleasantly decorated environment draws attention. To attract passers-by to linger for a meal or coffee, in addition to an interesting menu, it is recommended to give the terrace a personal character through decoration. This open area is considered additional space, so resources must be allocated to attract additional customers.

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Considerations before designing a restaurant terrace

Every design project for a professional terrace must first be examined from a legal point of view. The use of public space, be it pavement or a square, by a business must comply with the conditions set by the administrative authority responsible for its management. In general, this is the commune. Prior to the commencement of any design work, the establishment must be granted a temporary permit to use the public space, which takes the form of a decree and entails the payment of a fee.

Creating a patio for your coffee shop, bar or restaurant allows for more guests, but it shouldn’t become cluttered. From a practical point of view, it is advisable to leave free space, because a sober terrace is also synonymous with comfort.

Choosing the furniture for your restaurant terrace

Designing outdoor spaces requires a holistic approach, and furniture plays a key role in this. The furniture should be from sustainable production with a focus on longevity. A patio umbrella is a good addition. Are square umbrellas better? The size and the shape of the patio umbrella you choose depend on the dimensions of your patio. Patio umbrella dimensions are typically measured from the bottom of the pole to the top of the canopy. The larger your patio, the taller and wider your umbrella will need to be.

A harmonious color combination ensures a pleasant and relaxing environment. Don’t hesitate to go for bright tones to attract attention, but without burdening the environment with too bright tones.

Light colors attract dirt and are difficult to maintain. Also consider that regardless of the style, the furniture must blend into the decor. The modern design decor calls for a range of contemporary furniture, while the bistro-style of yesteryear leans towards vintage chic. The chairs and tables must also match the fabrics of the parasols. Go for natural colors on a wooden deck. With a light pavement, go for vibrant tones to show off the furniture.