Can Astrology and Horoscope Really Guide Us Toward a Better Future?

In this day and age of uncertainties, a lot of people are finding it difficult to cope with challenges caused by traumas experienced in the past. Fear of past failures affect their present conditions; creating barriers that prevent them from moving forward to a better future. In astrology, knowing about one’s fate as told by the lunar North Node and about one’s past through the opposite South Node, can give proper guidance on how to get over the pain and frustrations of past traumas. Guidance may include diet and lifestyle as they are important elements in one’s past, present and future conditions.

How Professional Astrologers Give Guidance

It’s a good thing that there are professional astrologers who help people understand and accept past traumas so they can use them as bases for self-understanding. What they actually do, is help individuals develop solutions that can prevent past failures and mistakes from recurring in the future. Astronomy and horoscope reading has for years provided a way of unveiling ways to make things work better for the future. The goal is to live a more fulfilling life by taking away the effects of the traumas that have repeatedly posed as challenges every time we try to move on.

Take food as an example of how horoscopes can give guides on what to consume and what to avoid in order to prevent health issues from recurring. There are certain food groups that can affect the health and well being of individuals born under a specific zodiac sign.

The lunar nodes are said to change signs at an interval of a year and a half. To cite an example, a reading that says North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius implies horoscope for those born under the sign of Leo. What we surmise is that they have to boost their confidence and reinforce their will power if they want to be effective as the leaders in their present endeavours.

Take note though that the Leo natal sign is largely associated with the heart. It’s important for Leos in the North Node therefore to maintain a healthy eating plan that will provide support to their character as leader or main driving force. Otherwise, not avoiding or minimizing consumption of food that can affect a Leo’s ability to carry out a leadership role, can potentially lead to failure. It’s essential for Leos to maintain good feelings about themselves and one of the best ways to attain such feeling is to live and eat healthy.

Now here’s the thing Leo in the North Node is opposite the Aquarius sign in the South Node. This may be indicative of a past when Leos insisted in going along with what is popular among the crowd. Rather than stand on one’s own conviction, the lack of confidence and the resolve to stay on a strict diet to protect one;s heart, had caused critical mistakes that led to failures.

However, we are not professional astrologers but merely sharing our perception of what the astrologers at Truly Divine website explain as the occurrence of North Node Leo South Node Aquarius.